when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

Restoring an Antique Ford Tractor? Tips for Locating the Parts and Components You Need

by Aapo Karvonen

Restoring an antique tractor is an interesting hobby that attracts people of all age groups. While some do it to earn some extra cash, many others undertake this type of painstaking work for the historical value it may hold or to safeguard something that they associate with their family's heritage. 

No matter your reason for taking on a restoration project, you should realize that locating many of the components you will need may not be easy. Since replacement parts tractors of this age are no longer being manufactured, it may be necessary to get creative to find the antique Ford engine parts you may need and these tips will help you in your search.  

Buy a second tractor to supply parts for the first

One option for finding parts and components for any vehicle rebuilding project is to buy two and use parts from one to finish the other one. If you decide to pursue this option, consider searching rural areas where old tractors can sometimes be found parked and rusting away alongside barns or sheds. The current landowners may be very willing to sell these old tractors, as well as provide information about any others they may know about in the area. 

Have the damaged parts rebuilt 

When the tractors that are now considered to be antique were manufactured, life was much simpler and farmers often had to handle many of their vehicle and equipment repairs on their own. Because of this fact, you may be able to have some of the parts repaired or rebuilt. For instance, cracked or rusted metal on the body of the tractor may be able to be repaired by auto body repair techniques, and some engine parts, like radiators, alternators, and starters may also be able to be rebuilt. 

Network by attending antique tractor events

Antique tractor enthusiasts hold shows, races, tractor pulls, and other events all over the country. In addition to friendly competition and old-fashioned fun, these events can provide an excellent opportunity for networking and brainstorming to find solutions to the restoration issues you may be having. 

Contact an antique Ford tractor parts supplier

One of the most convenient options for finding the parts you need for your restoration project is to contact an antique Ford tractor engine parts supplier like Kuhn's Equipment Repair. These dealers often have an extensive inventory of available parts and may also be networking with other dealers to expand their offerings. 


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when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

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