when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

3 Modifications That Can Greatly Improve Your Bug-Out Vehicle

by Aapo Karvonen

A bug out vehicle is often going to be the most important factor in any disaster prepper's plan, and there are many vehicles that can make good bug out vehicles. However, a stock vehicle is going to need a bit of help in order to make it into a truly great bug out vehicle. A skid plate, locking differential, and lifted suspension are just a few modifications that can improve your bug out vehicle's capabilities.

Skid Plate

One of the first aftermarket parts that you will want to consider adding to your bug out vehicle is a skid plate. Now, skid plates will benefit you in a variety of ways that vary depending on where the skid plate is installed. A skid plate installed near the rear of your vehicle will protect your fuel tank and rear axle from rocks and rough terrain.

If you install the skid plate near the front of your vehicle, it will protect your front axle, steering, and the underside of your engine. Skid plates installed in the middle of your undercarriage will protect your fuel and brake lines. Wherever you choose to install a skid plate, you will be greatly increasing your vehicle's durability and making it much less likely that your vehicle will be damaged and leave you stranded should you choose to go off-road.

Locking Differential

Replacing the stock differential on your bug out vehicle is a fantastic way to keep your vehicle from getting stuck when you go off-road. Most standard differentials will allow all of the power from your engine to go to whatever wheel is spinning. The problem with this is that if the wheel that is spinning is unable to grip the ground due to snow, mud, or sand then your vehicle is going to be unable to work itself free.

However, a locking differential solves this problem by allowing the power from the engine to evenly distributed to all of the wheels. This means that even if one of your wheels becomes stuck, the other three will still be able to spin and pull your vehicle free.

Lifted Suspension

Finally, you will want to consider having a mechanic install a lifted suspension on your vehicle. A lifted suspension is a great way to increase the clearance underneath your vehicle so that you can avoid a greater number of obstacles. However, you must be careful not to lift the suspension too high as this can really unbalance the vehicle, which can make it easier for the vehicle to roll over if it is involved in an accident.

In addition, a lifted suspension increases drag. If you lift the vehicle too much, the drag can begin to greatly reduce your fuel economy.

Speak to a mechanic or aftermarket parts dealer like Yearwood Performance Center in order to discuss the many modifications that you can make to your bug out vehicle. A lifted suspension, skid plates, and a locking differential can turn an okay bug out vehicle into a fantastic one.


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when should you buy the expensive auto parts?

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